Date Time❤️: Melissa❤️, Morris❤️, Anna❤️

(This announcement is posted on both Morris❤️ & Melissa❤️'s devlogs)

Have you heard?  They just bought a hi-tech 8-BIT COMPUTER at the library!

Not just that, they installed one of those computer games.  What are they called?  

I think they call it a "Dating Simulation!"

Yes!  There's ❤️THREE VIRTUAL CUTIES❤️ to date in this one, SMOOCHES GUARANTEED!

Date Time❤️ is a trilogy of three chapters, each bigger than the last: 

Melissa❤️, she's a sweetheart of a girl! A smart woman into science and art! You may be surprised how DEEP her knowledge GOES!

Morris❤️, a pouty mechanic who is secretly into poetry. Get close enough, you may find out where his TRUE TASTES lie!

It contains ENHANCED versions of Melissa❤️ and Morris❤️ with new visuals, endings and secrets.

But also, it will contain one final date...

Meet Anna❤️, she's a sporty, popular, go-getter of a girl.  She's done it all.  Kickboxing, Tennis, mountain climbing... but there's one thing she's never been able to take on and that is... Love!

Don't get TOO excited though, she's not just looking for ANYBODY!  If you wanna keep up with her, you got to show how ACTIVE and ENERGETIC you are.  Play your cards right, and you'll be part of her plan... ❤️OF SMOOCHING❤️ I mean.

Anna❤️ won't be alone in this journey.  Melissa❤️ and Morris❤️ will be making a return in the Anna❤️ chapter.  So if you've been missing your faves, don't worry!

The game is still under development.  This will be an incredibly large project to bring to conclusion this retro-horror dating sim... celebrating the era of early personal computing.

I want to thank everyone for the support and encouragement these last few months during the development and release of the original Melissa❤️ & Morris❤️.  I hope you stick around for this larger project.  

Feel free to wishlist it on Steam if you haven't.  

And please let me know if there's anything you are hoping to happen in this definitive version of the series!

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You know, I was NOT expecting a steam release haha. Looks great, still have to play Morris, gonna try my chance to get a "diskette" but I will definitely buy it when I can.

That makes me remember, I did upload on SteamGriddb a artwork of Melissa when it was released, completely forgot about it because they took ages to accept, Very amateur stuff though. Keep up the amazing work! Really glad to see you where able to put this on steam :)

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Melissa wants to smooch me, Moris want to smooch me, The literature club WANTS TO SMOOCH ME! Are there any other smoochers I should know about?



Looks like this is going to be an epic finale. I had a half baked thought after finishing Morris, though maybe you have already considered this for Anna's route  since it seems a natural direction from the last two chapters. 

(Spoilers) Anyway, Melissa controlled you through the computer. Morris/his side characters pulled you into the computer. What if Anna tried to come out of the computer...