They’ve UPGRADED the computer at the local library!  They even installed a NEW GAME!  I heard it's very CUTE and ROMANTIC!

Meet Morris as your date in a new installment of the ‘DATE TIME’ SOFTWARE GAME SERIES!

He might come off as COLD, but tap into his SOFTER SIDE and it’ll reveal a WARM person who might only be ACTING TOUGH because he has a 💗💗💗CRUSH ON YOU!💗💗💗

He LIKES to act TOUGH , but he loves THE ARTS and wants to be a SUCCESSFUL POET!  Can you help him with his dream?  OF COURSE YOU CAN!

“Morris💗” is the ‘spiritual sequel’ to “Melissa💗”.  If you enjoyed your date with Melissa, we hope you enjoy your time with Morris featuring new characters, new areas, a bigger story and a FULLY FUNCTIONAL DOT-MATRIX PRINTER!

“Morris💗”  is a short retro tech horror visual novel, with a bit of comedy that taps into the general time period of the Apple II, and other eras of old computer tech.

Content Warning:

-Flickering / Flashing Lights

-Loud and Sudden Noises

-Strong Language

-Body Horror

-Implied Violence


Updated 24 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(215 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity
Tags8-Bit, Comedy, Creepy, Dark Humor, Dating Sim, Horror, Lo-fi, Pixel Art, Retro, Romance


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Morris_Windows_v1.1 75 MB
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Morris_Linux_v1.1 74 MB

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please make  a other one where he comes back in real life and meets up with the person he was with orrignaly that would be such a good game i would love it so much please do it and i wouldnt be depressed anymore

i cried i actually liked morris

im going to cry every night now he was so sweet 


THIS IS GOOOOOLDDD i fricking love this

I played Melissa and Morris in a double feature. Morris was by far my favorite! I love how much extra content his game had.

more morris means more happy

my uncomprehensible horror simulation poet boy can't possibly be this cute

does anyone know how to get achievement two im so close to getting all 12

when you see the second poem from him without him knowing, choose the option to help make it better

Now I'm going to be waiting for Anna cause istg she's also like me :sob: But cool games :D Morris is pretty cute as well >^<

I’m playing the Android version on the Anbernic RG353P which has a 4:3 aspect ratio, and I found that the game wasn’t playable due to the edges of the screen being cropped.

Seems that Morris knows Melissa huh?? AND MELISSA DEFINITELY KNOWS ABOUT COMPUTERS!!!

The angle that was taken this time to build the story of Morris was done really well and a great twist and wonderful story telling! Even the secret scene where Anna is hinted at being an even bigger big bad, was pretty cool! Amazing job on this game and can't wait for more!

I Love it!!!

I love'd Melissa game, but Morrison it's fantasic!

The thing it have multiple achievement and it lasts longer than Melissa's make it amazing and very pleasant to play (I almost cried at the end:,()

I hope that Anna's game come out soon, because I have the highest expectations for it!

This game was so gooooooood~ The endings were fun, and I'll do anything to support Morris's poetry T-T Super funny and excellent pay off :D 
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I've gotten all but the 1st achievement, someone help me pls TT

With the first one you have to keep insisting to date Anna during the character selection. If you do it enough it'll take you to an image that says "This is where we'll meet." And the achievement will show up after that!

oh my god thank you !!!

No problem!

I love this one so much it took what made the first on special an added on to it, and just as if not creepier



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What's the 6 letter-username?

Pretty Sure Its Seven Letters, Its Hidden In The LONG Poem (You Will Have To Find Something That Says KW- ---- I Only Put Two Letter Because Its A Secret So Yeah) I Assume Your Talking About The Melissa Code?

Yep thanks!

No Problemmm

(1 edit) (+2)

before the 2nd visit at the cafe, at the park, when everything is glitching out. you can find it in the corrupted dialogue


(1 edit) (+2)

this was AMAZING. honestly way better than i expected, haha. i got 12 achievements, i'm assuming that's all of them? anyway, i'm so excited for anna! can't wait to meet her here one day ;)

I'm beggin what's the second achievement 

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OH I LOVED THIS! I was constantly trying to guess at what was going to happen at the end and was on the edge of my seat the entire time! Well done CatTrigger! Here’s my playthrough! Can’t wait to see what happens with Anna! 

Pls make another part, we must save our lil bean

Um... I dont think CatTrigger Will Be Making A Morris❤ Mostly Because These Horror Computer Dating Games Are Gonna Be In 3 Seperate Parts Mellisa, Morris, And Anna (Shes Coming Soon I Believe) There Wasn't A Mellisa❤ 2  So Its Hard To Believe We Will Get Morris❤ 2  Unless Major Update Builds Come Along Bringing MORE NEW STUFF Like Saving Morris And Things.


free my boi morris


cant believe i really enjoyed dating the computer


Played it and Loved it 10/10 also thank you for the kind words at the end. People like you are the reason I want more people to see work like this.

ame este juego , morris es muy cute ♥

I love this so much! Thank you for making this game! Morris is so sweet, its so cute! Thank you SO Much!!

I got my smooch :) Enjoyed this a lot, Melissa was great but this felt even more elevated. Looking forward to Anna!

Imagine they create a game where you can date the you are and idiot thing-y

Morris is honestly so sweet and honestly Im waiting for the final diskette to come out. There better be an option to [REDACTED]

(1 edit) (+1)

I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I wasn't expecting Morris to be the way he was, but it was so much better!! I'm also very sad about his notes... But I'm happy we got to smooch!!

Edit: After reading up on the Morris worm on wiki, this game should definitely be in the pop culture references lol.


Better Than Doki Doki Literature Club! YOU CAN SMOOCH MORRIS and you can even HUG HIM! HOW CUTE!

In Doki Doki you cannot do that with Monika!

She just stares at you FOREVER! >.>


am i the only one that noticed that the background music is the fnaf 3 bad ending theme???


I actually almost cried! I played Melissa then Morris in my video and honestly, Morris is baby. I love him so much! I still did also get jumpscared...I thought it was fascinating that Melissa was malicious and Morris had no intention of doing what happened very much like the original viruses they are based on. I can't wait for Ana!


does anybody know how to get the fourth achievement? i can't figure out what it is.

(1 edit)

If you're talking about the middle left achievement : Find the "secret 7 Letter Name" (read in-between some of the Message Errors in the long poem till your reach the very bottom of the last page), Finish the game or return to title, Start New Game with the "Secret 7 Letter Name" (Hint : Starts with a K).


i figured it out!! ty <3

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Time for another smooch | Morris

This was a great follow up to Melissa. I thought Melissa was a great game but this was amazing. Keep up the great work I can’t wait for the next game!!

Finally, a omi powerful sentient AI love interest who is charming as well as attractive. Take notes Monika =p   Morris was a sweetheart from start to finish and it hurt to leave him...  10/10 game.

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