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How can I run it on linux? I downloaded the proper file.


My date with Melissa here went better than my dates usually go, so this was a nice change of pace! Was your choice in naming her Melissa based on the real life computer virus by the same name? It was one of the first internet viruses that spread through email and caused millions of dollars in lost revenue in the late 1990s. Fun little game, I look forward to your future games! I streamed some of it here: 

Cool game. I don't know why but I laughed when she said my name. It the small details like being able to name yourself something goofy that make my day. Awesome job.

I made my name "Dababy" cus I couldn't think of anything and I didn't realize how goofy it'd sound later on lmao

Same, I made mine something like poop finger because I always write a goofy name. I was not prepared for it to matter. Good chuckle


The girl is cute but I uhh died so yeah err not very cool dude >:(

jk cool game

wow awesome game, each piece of dialog got more sinister as you go on, really cool.

bro i actually do art my guy :insert_here,_an_image_of_spongebob_crying:

i didn't play yet but i can tell already that this is going to be scary ! :)

This DATE goes HORRIBLY wrong!! | Melissa | Indie Horror Game - YouTube


Really nice game,i felt a bit bad about her to be honest😅..
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It's funny because I actually am an artist irl, just look at my profile lol


Very interesting creativity. i like the brand you did to the game.
hope you will enjoy our game too :

Another Island by PurplePanzer (

I’m honestly upset that I never got a kiss!! The story was very much enjoyable……CAN I GET MY KISS!! 

really great game I would enjoy a longer experience of this anyways keep up the great work!!



what if you just punch the computer

Hahah lol


Really enjoyed this. I did so many visual novels on my old youtube channel. So having this and it being horror related was a great experience. thank you high regards for sure a 9/10 this was great


I think it's a bit cheap when she has a problem with both you telling her you're an artist, and you telling her you're a jock, it's like she's just looking for an excuse to turn evil lmao. The art and everything is still great tho :D

At the Beginning: I like her shes very nice

Middle: OH CRAP

End: Noice


Cute ?  girl


You would think that this is a normal dating simulator, but next thing you know, you're locked in a meat chamber. I wish I was joking. 🥩


Looks amazing! I'll have to play it! Id love if you guys see my game page ❤

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edit: no it isn't




Ahh! This was so cool! I actually went back and played it a second time! And yes, the jumpscare caught me off guard lol! Well done!

For a game made in under a week, this is great given the time constraints SO GREAT in fact its the first game in the video keep up the amazing work!!! <3

prefiro namorar gnomios


Super creative! Donated $15, thank you for turning my dull night into something more fun :)

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I Got smooched alright. That was a fun game, very much enjoyed so please make more.

Good game

This was great! That dial-up tone took me waaaaaaaaaay back. 

Best smooches 10/10
Great game. Loved it!

Here's my video. Liked this one.

I really enjoy this game ,Cool game!

Definitely didn't know what to expect with this one but I liked the humor and the commentary. Thanks for the smooches! <3

Starts at 37:45 

I liked it a lot!!

Quite nice, 10/10 would surrender the world for smooches again.

Yeah, DOWN the contemporary internet, RISE the great Melissa! Let's reboot into the 486 era once again!

Very good, loved your game

this was such a fun experience!! it reminded me of doki doki literature club, that is my fav video game everrrr. really enjoyed it and definately recommend it. 433 smooches 4 u!!!11!!1

Pretty interesting concept :D

Hi dear l am a player from china,l love your game yery much, Can we add more languages in the next version

Well, the game has localization support, but it seems no languages other than English is available. You can contact the dev for contributing localization strings if you have time. It won't be that hard!

Nice to meet you,can you tell me some ways to contact the developer

the game dev's got a twitter:




Bye Tinder

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