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Ending 2.


"the lady in my library computer calls me stud muffin"

"please leave me alone"

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choices feel very forced, good game tho

also seems like ddlc at the end


This game was good :) I enjoyed the plot and found it interesting. Thank you 

Loved the game! Nice and simple but was still a great play, story was good too. Looking forward to more games, hopefully expand on this game!


Damn! What a game! I got murdered by Melissa!

Initially I really thought that this was just another simple and sweet game. However everything changed after the date ended LOL. The plot changed completely, and I'm sure no player would expect that.

In short, good game. Definitely worth a try!


why can't i date morris, he probably is a swell guy after all

because it's the Shareware version (which is a bit of a red flag) but still


This was freakin great. I loved every second of it. I wish there were a few more choices along the way, but overall great work. Can't wait to check out what else ya got! 



Credits and much love to you, developer! Thank you for the AWESOME game. I can't wait for the next one. I get to play this in the Philippines!
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Awesome game! Thank you for the experience! 




Nice game. I love the visuals and plot. 

Hi! How translate this game on other languages? I'm want translate her on russian.

download wont open on m1 mac


I- I only picked her because I knew it... we have so much in common, we both like art, and we both were or are trapped in someones imagination or a game, and we both (probably) feel like were tortured... so... I'm a bit confused... does she actually like me or... not?...

. . .


She dosen't, she wants many orbiters


I play this game thinking it was a romantic visual novel, but the plot twist really scared me GOOD GAME 


Awesome game! Hope to see a sequel or more stuff like this in the future. Maybe getting to meet some of the other possible dates? Keep it up!

Yup. 4kb ram is enough for her to XD. After I played it I was kind of laughing hysterically. Something about this seems scary in the moment but afterwards it became funny. 

I don't usually play visual novels, but this one looked too intriguing not to play!

This game REALLY does not like being in full screen, it crashes hard every time, makes my screen go black, i think only alt-F4 was able to get the game to close, ot crashed so bad that the last time it happened. my antivirus really did not like it, quarantining. besides that it's a pretty cool game, but please fix this issue.

i thought this was excellent! the dialog was on point the way you captured the audience with this innocent looking dating sim and then turned it on its head was fantastic, loved the story and endings, would of really liked it to be multiple endings, but as its a game jam game i do understand there is timers on these things but after the jam i would love a update with more endings! gameplay above hope you guys enjoy! 

Thanks for playing, and glad you liked it!  I was thoroughly entertained by your let's play! :D

The game was largely a weekend project, so I didn't really have much time to expand on the concept, but if people do want to see more of the concept, I do have ideas of expanding on it sometime in the future.

yea thats what i thought it being a game jam game, but yea i would love to see more endings after the jam!

Does the game actually keep track of how many we played.

And I was 433rd? Or is it random

I was number 433 too, must just be a set amount. I guess it makes sense, the story wouldn’t make much sense for, like, person number 5 if it used the real number.

The art style, story and 4th wall aspect was great. Overall, it's a really fun and cool game. Melissa seems very nice 10/10

Art 10. Story 10. Thanks for making the game.

ME ENCANTÓ <333333

First try... did not died. It's not speaking for me, right? :-) Nice game. Very nice art.

she creepy!

This was really good, liked the plot twist at the end part. Made a v video on it.

ayoo i gotta check this one out! Melissa is a viruses' name!!

Good game! The art is really cool, I loved it. I also got scared every time Melisa killed me, even though she expected me to do it xd


if only there was an option to smash the computer.


the art good and the game soooooo good great work i love it)

Jesus, that was scary!! But I didn't dare betray Melissa 😤 I hope she gets all the smooches!!

I love the aesthetic of this game and how it changed from green to red (when everything went to hell 😂 )

Very cool game!!

Whoops! I thought I was on my solo account when I wrote this, sorry about that! 


Very well-made. Short, sweet, and to the point. 10/10

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I had fun! Uwaa, I got the true ending first before the rest. It's quite unfortunate that it's only one though... I wish we could have a good ending with her.

this was fun ... i really wish i dated anna instead but yeah :D

hope you enjoy the vid and dont mind me ranting like an idiot :D

Thank you for playing!  I appreciate the playthrough and feedback!

love your game so much thank you 

Thank you for playing!  I appreciate it!

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