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I really enjoyed this, absolutely loved it. I highly recommend it to everyone. The tune at the beginning is really good too. I still feel bad for Melissa though... 


I played Melissa and Morris in a quick double feature! I absolutely loved both games

Melissa doesnt play! I really like this game :)

This went from 0 to 100 real quick. Amazing retro horror game! 9/10

The game was short, but I love it

love the game thank you :)


honestly she's kind of a girlboss. anyway super cool game but the only part that really freaked me out was after she first jumpscared me bc i chuckled then saw "that smile. it looks good on you." LMAO but yeah this was fun and i love the art and sound design as well!

Wish I could spend more time and do more activities with Melissa

Interesting story, although the ending was somewhat predictable. Otherwise it’s a really well-made game, I can’t wait to try out the other characters too!

I played with the username from the morris game a.k.a. the admin username


I need an option to diss her at every possible opportunity before the whole reveal thing, then make my last words just be like "yeah you can kill me but i never liked you lol"

Porfa haces una version en español? Me encantaría probarlo pero no sé inglés parece un buen juego te felicito

I played Melissa and Morris in one video and I was really interested to see how both stories could branch from their similar beginnings. Melissa literally scared me so bad! 

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After I played this game, I wish this game have story longer and can still talking after you help her out from computer to outside. 

NGL this is best game I found from this new year 100/10 and I already simp on her a bit btw


Always wanted to date my anime waifu ~ 


second time i've played a cute on first sight game just to find out it's a horror game. 10/10 will never play again.



This game upset me when I saw Markiplier play it, but I'm determined to love her.

Played this a bit ago and made a video, can't wait to play the update.

I really loved the story and how fleshed out Melissa is as a character. Such a determined girl! She's charming. And the narrative is exquisitely chilling. Great job!


loved the twist at the end, she reminds me of SCP-079.

I look forward to seeing the new Melissa sequel very soon

really pretty visuals, the pixel retro look is always nice to see in horror. looking forward to Morris' sequel! 

this was a fun lil horror game that kind of reminded me of serial experiments lain mixed with a dating sim lol. can't wait to play morris <3 :))


Was cool the first run (as I didn't die). Played through it again to find that there isn't really a second ending other than dying. Also, choosing different dialogue near the beginning only changes a little dialogue later on as far as I can tell. 

Maybe could hopefully add in a good ending? Maybe like a way for me not to leave the game so she doesn't go all evil for me "leaving" her?

I love this game. Melissa is spooky and lovely at the same time (for some reason idk)
For the full experience, I wish I could translate the dialog into Korean..



How can I run it on linux? I downloaded the proper file.


My date with Melissa here went better than my dates usually go, so this was a nice change of pace! Was your choice in naming her Melissa based on the real life computer virus by the same name? It was one of the first internet viruses that spread through email and caused millions of dollars in lost revenue in the late 1990s. Fun little game, I look forward to your future games! I streamed some of it here: 

Cool game. I don't know why but I laughed when she said my name. It the small details like being able to name yourself something goofy that make my day. Awesome job.

I made my name "Dababy" cus I couldn't think of anything and I didn't realize how goofy it'd sound later on lmao

Same, I made mine something like poop finger because I always write a goofy name. I was not prepared for it to matter. Good chuckle


The girl is cute but I uhh died so yeah err not very cool dude >:(

jk cool game

wow awesome game, each piece of dialog got more sinister as you go on, really cool.

bro i actually do art my guy :insert_here,_an_image_of_spongebob_crying:

i didn't play yet but i can tell already that this is going to be scary ! :)

This DATE goes HORRIBLY wrong!! | Melissa | Indie Horror Game - YouTube


Really nice game,i felt a bit bad about her to be honest😅..
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It's funny because I actually am an artist irl, just look at my profile lol


Very interesting creativity. i like the brand you did to the game.
hope you will enjoy our game too :

Another Island by PurplePanzer (

I’m honestly upset that I never got a kiss!! The story was very much enjoyable……CAN I GET MY KISS!! 

really great game I would enjoy a longer experience of this anyways keep up the great work!!


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