Thank you for playing / reading Bad Faith!

Hello everyone, this is CatTrigger!

Thank you to ManlyBadassHero for showcasing my old 2021 Spooktober Jam entry and resurfacing this old story to more people!

Back in 2021, I wanted to do a horror story as an entry for my local group's comic anthology.

I had never done a horror story before, and Bad Faith (the comic) was my first foray into the genre.

A little while later, I made the decision to expand on the comic's concept with the game.  While I was still learning how to develop games, creating the game was what actually got me hooked on game development.  Afterwards, I went on to develop several other games, including two of other HORROR games, that Manly has featured on his channel!

I would like to thank all the kind messages and comments I've read and received about this story.  It is a very special project to me, and was a launching point to newer projects!

If you're interested, check out my other games... or... 

...check out my UPCOMING HORROR GAME, Date Time❤️

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