About 1.0 (and the project overall)

I'm so touched by all the feedback I've received, from the people of Itch.io, Discord and other places about "Alchemy & Cake". 

I am fairly new and largely naive to the space of Visual Novels as well as Game development, and have been blown away by the positive community in it.

Alchemy & Cake was a rushed project after a longer project I was working on ("Unite & Awaken") had to be postponed due to complications during the month.  

The game was concepted, drawn and developed over the course of 2.5 weeks, and the process in doing it was possibly the most educational for my own continued improvement as a writer, artist and developer of Visual Novels.

I can't stress enough how much I have grown to love working in the medium, as a long time comic artist and animator... the process of concepting a short story and trying to execute it in either of those two mediums can be incredibly time consuming.

With these game jams as a good pressure point, Visual Novels have grown to be this new way of developing short stories and having a healthier scope to them.

I do want to talk about the complete "finalization" of this game.

The game is story-complete and can be enjoyed fully right now.  The only things that will be polished is the text clipping problems, and a bit of grammatical "house cleaning".  

I may also adjust some of the choice menu options to be more "themed" to the overall look of the piece.  

If some of you are just "waiting" for the game to be complete before diving in, I feel that isn't completely necessary based on the small things I'll be adjusting in the final.  The Finalization is largely for my own benefit as I continue to learn how to improve developing VNs.

If you've played the game, please feel free to leave a comment on the page!  

Thank you again, I really look forward to working on my next project :D

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