Beta 2 - The Achievement Update.

I hope everyone has been enjoying "Alchemy & Cake".

Thank you so much for all the feedback from all the different discord servers, and DMs and yes... even itself.  

As a suggestion from a friend, I made the decision to expand the game with an additional feature.  I originally added "Achievements" to the game in order to add a bit of flair to people's choices, but a friend of mine said they were interested in doing multiple playthroughs in order to "collect them all".

So, for beta 2, I am adding "Achievement Certificates" that have an additional sketch and joke attached for each Achievement you unlock.  After going through your playthrough, check the Achievements section in the main menu to see which "certificates" you've uncovered.  CAN YOU FIND THEM ALL?

Thank you all again for all the plays and feedback for the game.  I am still relatively new to this medium of Visual novels, and I have been loving the supportive community in it.

More updates to come to this game.


Alchemy & Cake - Android- Beta2 106 MB
Apr 02, 2022
Alchemy & Cake - Mac - Beta2 92 MB
Apr 02, 2022
Alchemy & Cake - Windows - Beta2 83 MB
Apr 02, 2022

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