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A Mother brings her son to a specialized "Weight Loss" Clinic in order to help him lose weight.  But for weeks, treatment had shown no progress...

(This Visual Novel was made for the 2021 Spooktober VN Jam)


Strong Language, Gore, Body Horror, Body Image Issues, Religious Fanaticism, Abuse, Mental Trauma, Flashing / Flickering Lights 


Hello!  This is a Game based on a Horror Comic I drew in 2020 for "Let's Make Comics Chicago's Tasty Anthology".  

This project was made as a way to get my feet wet (again) in the Game Development Environment after a couple years out of it.  I also don't tend to do Horror-related work, so I understand this could be rough.


[Known Bugs]

-Videos sometimes flash a frame midpoint before playing the video in full.  

-"Why does some music cut off immediately?" You may ask.  I don't know.  I will travel the stars to find the answer.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(42 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Tags2D, artgame, Creepy, Horror, Short, Unity


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It's precise, and the message is important. Thank you for making this.

This was really good, came here after I had played Date time! Really enjoy your stuff

I've recently become obsessed with all of your games/ visual novels, so sorry but you will be seeing a lot of comments from me. haha. This was an amazing story! You don't see many people approach the topic of faith, especially in this light. So I was nicely surprised with this story. Super amazing story and a shocking ending. Keep it up! 

I made a video on it if anyone would like to see:


i feel horrified


my god this was certainly A Game. 10/10, was worth my time. I expected it would be somewhat different but it literally surpassed my expectations and instead of the happy ending(ish) I expected (like maybe she was cutting him slowly through some hole and sucking out his flesh...idk this is fantasy and a wild one at that), and having the boy just crumple was the least of my expectations.

You never fail to impress me oh my god (I hope there's an answer someday and some god reveal or something maybe idk)


Thank you for letting me slam the table. It felt good.


Very interesting! You wrote an awesome visual novel. Short and hitting all the spots :) 


Holy.. my god. This is the first comment I'm leaving on a game and I.. just? Words cannot describe how good this game is. I'm almost speechless. I love the topic of religious trauma in a horror game. I don't think any horror game will leave a lasting effect on me like this one did. Amazing work.


I'm getting an error message when I try to open it on my mac. it says "The application “BadFaithGame-v.4MAC” can’t be opened." (sorry for the random bolding, for some reason itch.io won't let me turn it off)

i'm having the same issue, have yet to find a fix for it but wanted to second this.

Sorry you're having that problem.

Would you be able to let me know what type of Mac do you have, and what version of MacOS you're using?

really good story, good graphics, good game!


BRUH my jaw has never dropped so hard at the sight of that kid. Christ.. GREAT GAME!

This game had me on the edge like, WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN!? 10/10 

The implosion scene was just genuinely terrifying ;_;

Loved it!


This is insanely good! The ending left me with questions i honestly don't want answes to all the whole game was nerve shattering. Great work!

We need Chinese!

It's scary and amazing!


this is WAY more than disturbing. it's terribly unsettling. i absolutely love how the story is constructed. my congratulations, this is true horror

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No child should ever have to go through something like this especially from abusive moms like this one.

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This was scary in an unnerving and unsettling way.  I love it. 


In a horror game/series, the reason I get scared is quite literally because of the jumpscares, but that's it. I like horror games but I don't get 'afraid', or feel different after playing/watching

But this one was different; I got nervous and genuinely tensed, not because of cheap jumpscares but because of the actual content of the story. Even now 30~ minutes after finishing it, I still get chills. I did not read the comic yet, something I'm going to do as soon as I finish this review, but it seems to have even more content than the game, which gets me excited and scared at the same time


im going to be honest it was 4ish am and for 10 whole minutes i thought this game was titled "bad fetish" and got scared and confused because the  guy looked like a child then somehow realized it was a game about a son and mother before realizing it wasent called bad fetish but was called bad faith and is actually about religious trauma which i can relate too

but that was such a roller coaster ride and when im able to will play this

From the Kill Bill sirens to all clear, sounds like


Never make a sequel, never answer anything. This is perfect as-is.


I would love a sequel. What demonic crap can this Mom pray for next?

Loved this.


man the end is fucking terrifying!! love this game


This was super atmospheric and I love how the framing of the story through the doctor's point of view really builds up the horror. I got chills when I reached the end! Genuinely horrifying in the best way possible.

That was certainly an interesting visual novel! As a Catholic uh... um... yeah that mom was pretty crazy hahahha XD

Nice atmosphere, sound effects, and I loved the black/white style. Though I didn't understand the final image, what did he become? An exploded skeleton?

Beautiful art and an interesting story. It's short and yet it tells so much about how people can be bad. Very well done☺️ I enjoyed it a lot❤️


Thank you very much!  I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

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