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(Your game begins at 18:51) 

A fun little romp, this one! While obviously nowhere near as polished as Meliisa (which I adored back when I played it, by the way), Petya manages to be funny, silly and just briefly, a bit intimidating. Good stuff"! Can't wait for Date Time to be complete!


got all endings!!!!


what is up with CatTrigger and the number 433


ending 3... hi petya btw


I got ending 3 . SOBBING


no u


fun and simple little short visual novel, i enjoyed it 

Currently of character ai dating petya


Can you make a different version where you can date the robot?


im so sad why cant i date the killer robot??
otherwise I LOOVE THIS GAME 10/10 :DD

Hey hey-- my girlfriend gave this a shot. She liked it!

great game! fun but simple! 

This was great! Really enjoyed playing through this :)



Loved it (and I'm not really a visual novel/dating sim thing person)!! So cute!!!! 


I must thank you for this I have been needing to know if I was a Robot or not.



Been great, Got mad at the part when I couldn't call Petya beautiful though, And the other part that ends the love category

The robot has me feeling things I should really not be feeling about a robot

I Played one of the previous games And this was just as good even better. Story to this really makes you wonder, and curious about the other ends. loved it



Got a cool ending! Love the game 

GOT ALL 4 ENDINGS!!! rlly sad that the bot would let me go into that murderous paradise if I wasn't a bot tho- but she doesn't get paid enough for that so it's reasonable.

how did you get ending 4?:) i'm a bit stuck!!

What a great little addition to the date time universe. I had a lot of fun arguing with the robot and pretending not to be one. Amazing job and thank you for sharing your hard work.  

I made a video if you'd like to watch:

This was an amazing game lmao. 

Petya is just so cute


why i want to be friends with her

God this was cute, thanks for sharing this!

This was a cute game, nice job.


no  second date robot >:(


7/10 only cause i couldnt go on another date w the robot :,(


*Aromantic Panic*/lh

lol i’m like this too but the robot is so cute i can’t

Very fun


Lot of fun!  For so many limitations in development, you've done great work here.  I think the simplicity of it really lets your writing shine in this instance.  Keep up the great work, I'm definitely going to be looking into your other titles!  


Yess!!! More lore for the date time universe. Thanks CatTrigger  

I like this! I wonder if this game is maybe the apocalypse after Melisa and other rule the world 

Why do Millisa and the robot order the same meal?

and why are there also 433 different people who did her program...?

The game is so expressive! I absolutely loved playing it


I got every ending very cute but i hoped for more Player Options though couldnt really express myself

Hiya! I played your game and posted it to my Youtube channel (: I really enjoyed playing this one, I actually forgot I was playing a game for a minute, the conversation was so fun/ their reactions made me laugh haha! Great Game!

Cool, don't know how to reach the fourth ending though


Same way you get the "This robot's allowed" ending but pick the third option

I had a blast playing No Robots Allowed! The unique combination of sci-fi, humor, romance, and a touch of suspense was a delightful experience. Not to mention, the fantastic storywriting elevated the whole experience. Kudos on a job well done!

Cant kiss the robot, 5/10


learn modding

Absolutely support you

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