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Another name: No Time Long Life


Thanks for such a nice game.

That is… surprisingly fewer caveats than I had expected.

Warm fuzzies for everyone, and thank you!

this game is amazing and heartbreaking. keep up the good work

my heaRT

I BEAT THE GAME! And that was wow did not expect that!


Well damn, I was ready to reach through the screen and beg her to go on and live her life without me. 

I, uh, yow. If 'crushing empathy' wasn't a feel before, it is now. 

Quality work...thx!


Without giving it much thought, I typed the pet name my partner gave me as my user name and... this game hit hard. T_T

Beautiful work!

Awww, thank you so much!  

I-- My feelings are going haywire-- Like, Renata was so strong to keep going, that no matter how hard it was, she kept trying her best to bring MC back. What seemed like mere seconds to us was so much time for her, and she did all that because she wanted to ask a question, why did we ask her to step out? I also love how MC's personality is, despite there being options, they all felt the same to me and I couldn't help but be charmed by it. I also have to applaud for Renata, that even though so many things went wrong, how much money she must have spent-- She still kept going and even found a way for the both of them to be together. Damn man, I need to lay down.


Omg wtf this was so goood!!! When we would fade out I was nervous we would never come back :')  And the ending AAA this game really tugged my heartstrings :'))

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Thank you! :D

This was cute, sad, romantic, and funny all at once and only needed 11 minutes for it. Incredible work!


Thank you so much, that means a lot!

You're welcome :)

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you know that one gumball episode where hes playing an rpg and put is name as thisits a AMAZING game too


I tried it, hilarious!

🤣 Hey, I certainly did my fill of weird names while testing the game.  

good to know I'm not the only weirdo

This is  a truly beautiful and wondrous game. It broke my heart and I honestly cried. I love playing it.

Aw, thanks!  That means a lot!

5 stars so good

Thank you!

Aww!! I loved this so much! (It kind of gives me Wanda Vision vibes too! <3)

Thank you so much!

True love never dies, eh? :D

That was lovely! Sad A.I. game recognizes sad A.I. game.

Wonderfully bittersweet, I love it!

Thank you!

Man, that was super sweet <3

Thank you very much!


I'm not crying, you're crying!


Aw, I hope you enjoyed it! :')

So sweet, what a lovely game and story in very curious setting.

Thank you!

I love that we both had the "put a human in a robot" concept but came out with WILDLY different vibes for our jam games!! This was very cute!

Thank you very much!  :D


Great idea for a short story, it felt so long with the use of the effects and expressions really adds more to the game with the limitations of the jam. Honestly the game is really sweet, just the interactions each time you are awakened, to be hit by despair as the light slowly fades. I really loved the game and it is easily one of the best games of the jam I have played.

I'm absolutely flattered that you like my game, and loved your playthrough of it!  

Thank you again!