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Amazing story! A part two of this would be absolutly AMAZING! A really funny and great game.


Just found this--I really liked it! Lovely story.


poor dream dealer


Super delightful! I loved the face reveal at the end and also will ship these two from now on. <3

aaaaaa this was so cute and wholesome i loved it

I wasn't very good at making potions but I enjoyed the game!!!  The worldbuilding was interesting and I love Em's character design.  The happy ending with 2 certain characters had me internally squealing.  It would be cool to see more of this world :)

This is so cute! I love it :)

I loved the game, I just wish there was more content!

I'm impressed you made all this in two and a half weeks! The dialogue was sharp, hilarious, tender, and serious at all the right times. The world building was fun and well laid out throughout the story. And all the fun art and sound assets brought everything to life! It's easy to see how much fun you had making it because it was so fun playing it! Looking forward to the post-Jam polishing and all the other games you'll make in the future.

Omg, this game is SO cute!!! The art is really adorable as well 🌸 

The comedy was hilarious, I laughed like a hyena at several parts 😂

I also loved all of the characters, even "evil" adventurers!! But my favorites were Em and Cal and I'm so happy there was a chance to make them romance each other cause' their relationship is so cute I almost instantly started to ship them together lmao.

Great game, I can't play to play more games you make!! ❤️ 


Thank you very much!  It means a lot to read this :D.

I'm still very new to VNs and I hope to make more in the future!